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Time to Talk to Candidates

There will be dozens of new faces in the legislature next year, so it’s important that we continue educating lawmakers and candidates about full practice authority and building support for our profession.

The Oklahoma primaries were held on June 26 and a number of candidates are facing run-off elections on August 28. Now is the time to educate legislative candidates about the role of nurse practitioners in the health care industry and get their thoughts on the issue.

State House and Senate candidates are out knocking doors, attending community events and hosting rallies and fundraisers in their districts. Candidates want to connect with people in their districts. They’re accessible and open to conversations.

If you’re not sure who is running in your area, contact your county election board. They can also confirm if you’re registered to vote.

Once you know the names of your local candidates, seek out opportunities to speak to them. Most campaigns will have a website, or at least a Facebook page, with contact information. It might also list upcoming campaign events.

Candidates will also be found around the community at events like parades, fairs and festivals. Introduce yourself and start a conversation. If you need tips on talking to candidates or talking about full practice authority, check out the toolkit on our legislative page.

Once you’re spoken to your candidates, let us know how it went! AONP leadership needs to know who supports us, who doesn’t and who needs more information about the issue. Call us at 405-445-4874 or email Benny@npofoklahoma.com and tell us about your conversations.

We’ve made incredible strides in the last few years. More than ever, the public and lawmakers understand the issue and they support our drive for full practice authority. Oklahomans want the freedom to choose their health care providers, and they want care that is accessible and affordable. Let’s work together to elect candidates that will make that a reality.