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About AONP

Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners

Our mission is to advance, support, and promote the high standards of health care delivered by nurse practitioners and to improve patient access to quality healthcare.

As a statewide professional association, we focus on the common needs of our members. We recognize the professional and political concerns facing nurse practitioners and we have always played a major role in facilitating and supporting changes in legislation that advance the role of the nurse practitioner. AONP believes that by providing better networking among our members, we will be better able to promote high standards of health care and thereby enhance the identity and continuity of nurse practitioners in our state.

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AONP Bylaws

Each year the AONP bylaws are reviewed and updated as needed. View the 2023 proposed changes to the AONP bylaws document. A copy of any AONP bylaw changes are emailed to our members and potential changes are discussed. The bylaws are approved at the Annual Business Meeting, held during the AONP fall conference.

View Current AONP Bylaws
Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners

Strategic Plan

Increase Nurse Practitioner Visibilty in Oklahoma

The strategic plan was created by the AONP Executive Board and reflect our 2021-2025 goals. To view the document, you will need to be an AONP member and sign-in to view it.

View AONP Strategic Plan
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