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Spreading the Message – We Need Your Stories!

Spreading the Message – We Need Your Stories

The Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners has an important mission. We need to spread the news of the importance of nurse practitioners in the health care system. This is why we need you – we need your stories! 

We all want a better health care system, and the power to change the system lies with the public and with our local legislators. When we have a wealth of stories illustrating how NPs are vital to the health care system, we can place the stories in front of legislators and the public. 

If you have a story about helping a patient receive care who wasn’t able to see a doctor, we want to know your story. If you are giving care to patients in rural areas who are not able to see a physician, let us know. If you know a fellow NP who has gone above and beyond to help a patient, tell us about them.

If you are passionate about nurse practitioners having full practice authority, we want to hear you. 

We intend to spread the message far and wide. We’ll use our blogs, newsletters and social media pages to publish your stories. We want everyone in Oklahoma to know how vital NPs are to health care in Oklahoma. Help us spread the message – send us your story today!