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Now Is the Time

With the runoff elections decided last month, legislative candidates are focused on November’s general election and we should be too. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with your local candidates for the legislature, now is the time to do so.

 AONP has already started this process by sending a survey to all registered candidates who made it through the primary and runoff elections. As the results of that survey come in, we’ll be deciding on candidate support.

 But we need your help on the ground, too.

 Several opponents of full practice authority were defeated during the runoff and primary elections. This results in many new faces in the legislature when the 2019 session starts in February. Those new members may not be familiar with the health care challenges facing our state or how nurse practitioners can help increase access to affordable, quality care.

 It’s up to us to explain it to them. AONP has the tools to help you!

 If you’re unsure of what to say or how to explain the issue, the Legislative page on our website has a toolkit that includes full practice authority talking points. If you don’t know who’s running for the legislature in your area, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board site or call your county election board.

 Once you’ve identified your local candidates, get out and find her or him and start the conversation about full practice authority. Throughout the fall, candidates will be attending fairs, parades, festivals and other events in their prospective districts. Most candidates have a website or a Facebook page with contact information.

 Once you’ve spoken to your candidates, tell us how it went! AONP leadership needs to know who supports us, who doesn’t and who needs more information about the issue. Call us at 405-445-4874 or email and tell us about your conversations.

 And, don’t forget how important it is to support the candidates who support us. Contributions to the AONP PAC help us elect legislators who believe in increasing health care access for Oklahomans.

 We’ve been building momentum for full practice authority in recent years and we’re closer than ever to success. This fall we have the opportunity to elect legislators who will get us across the finish line.