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Make a difference with the AONP PAC

Last month’s AONP blog stressed the importance of getting out and speaking to candidates during the campaign season. Our members can learn where candidates stand on issues like full practice authority and educate them on why it’s a sound health care solution for Oklahoma.

But there’s more that we can do. It’s not enough to just know where candidates stand—we need to support those candidates who will support us. That’s why the AONP political action committee (PAC) is so important. It’s a tool we can use to help elect legislators who share our views on these issues.

While any of us can (and should!) give small donations to candidates we support, the PAC allows us to band together to make a bigger impact in races across the state. As our members talk to candidates throughout the state and report on their findings, we’re looking for those candidates who are worthy of support this fall. 

AONP leadership is also speaking to a number of legislators and candidates and determining where our money and our manpower will be most effective in building a strong legislative coalition.

We need your help in this effort! It’s easy to give to the AONP PAC. You can set up small, reoccurring donations that will have a big impact over time. Pooling our resources offers the best chance to have an impact in close legislative races.

We’ll also be bringing our members out to knock doors and campaign for some candidates who support us. Be on the lookout. We’ll let you know about upcoming campaign opportunities via email and on our Facebook page.

Until then, keep talking to candidates in your community about full practice authority. We’ve made great strides over the last few years. This November we can ride our current momentum to legislative victory!