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Invest in the Future

The elections are only a few weeks away, and it’s time to invest in the future of Oklahoma’s nurse practitioners. 

Through the AONP PAC, we pool our resources and support candidates who support our drive to increase health care access in Oklahoma. This is critical. We need your contributionmore than ever. Opponents of full practice authority are spending money to elect candidates who side with them. We need to make our voices heard as well.

This year, we distributed a survey to legislative candidates to educate them and get their opinions on the issues that are important to nurse practitioners. What we’ve seen is strong support for our position. A list of candidates who replied to our survey and expressed favorable support for full practice authority can be found below.

While candidate research is important, we also need to back up research with action. To do that, we need your help!

Our work won’t stop with the election. At the annual conference, we also unveiled Voter Voice, a powerful tool to harness advocacy by nurse practitioners from across the state. If you choose to receive notifications, we can alert you via text or push notification when to call your legislators at the State Capitol. This will be a critical tool when the legislative session starts in February.

You can register for an account HERE. You also can sign up for text updates, simply text AONP to 50457. And don’t forget to download the Voter Voice app for iPhone or Android and opt into notifications from AONP!

There are great things ahead for AONP and for nurse practitioners across the state. We’ve spent years educating the public about full practice authority and building support in the legislature. With everyone working together, we’ll get this initiative through the legislature and signed into law!

See the attached list of legislators who replied to our survey with favorable support for full practice authority.