HB 2841 – Time For Action – AONP

HB 2841 – Time For Action

We’ve hit our first challenge and need your help! Our bill allowing for full practice authority, HB 2841, is assigned to the Appropriations and Budget (A&B) Health Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Doug Cox. So far, Rep. Cox has not agreed to hear the bill. This is discouraging, but we still have three weeks to do everything we can to get that bill out of committee. 

We currently have almost 20 co-authors and we ask that you continue to reach out to your state representatives. The more co-authors we have, the better chance we have of our bill being heard. Don’t forget to also contact your local hospital administrator to ask for their support. We are not going to give up on full practice authority!

Remember that even if you disagree with a legislator, respect and courtesy are vital. We want legislators to be our friends and help us. A legislator will always defend one of their colleagues, so attacking one may turn others against our cause.

Letters to legislators work best when they have a personal touch, but to get you started here’s a letter template. To find your local House member, follow this link: http://www.oklegislature.gov/FindMyLegislature2.aspx?State=OK.

Working together, we can bring this issue to the attention of all our legislators and improve every Oklahoman’s access to quality, affordable care.