Gearing Up for the Upcoming Legislative Session – AONP

Gearing Up for the Upcoming Legislative Session

The legislative session commences in a little more than a month. Session officially begins on Feb. 6, but there is much we can do before then. Rep. Josh Cockroft has already requested that a bill seeking full practice authority be drafted, so now is the time to begin talking to legislators about full practice authority. Personal connections are key to our success in achieving our legislative goals in 2017. 

Don’t underestimate your influence as you connect with legislators. Legislators care about the issues raised by their constituents. Connecting with your legislators in person will make a difference. Before contacting your legislators, take time to research and learn about them, their voting records and their committee assignments. You can find your legislators’ contact information and background information on the Oklahoma State Legislature website.

The FPA toolkit for NPs is a great resource as you prepare to meet with legislators. The toolkit on the website includes tips for contacting your legislators, a white paper and talking points for full practice authority, a public speaking guide and PowerPoint presentation, a full practice authority infographic and more.

Last month we shared the full video of Katherine Hoebelheinrich, MS, APRN, presenting at the AONP Annual Conference. Watching her presentation is another great way to prepare for engaging legislators. She shared her firsthand experience of how nurse practitioners in Nebraska worked to secure full practice authority and she encouraged Oklahoma’s nurse practitioners to tell our stories to reveal the struggles NPs and their patients face.

We encourage you to establish relationships with your legislators now. Spending time sharing your story and illustrating the important role NPs play in their communities is the primary way to grow support during the forthcoming legislative session.

We will keep members updated throughout the next few months and during the legislative session via email and on social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram). We would love to hear about your successes engaging with your legislators! You can connect with us and share your stories through the contact page on our website.