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Answering Your Questions About HB 2841 #RightToPractice

As many of you have heard, HB 2841 has been assigned to the Appropriations and Budget (A&B) Health Subcommittee. So far, Dr. Doug Cox has not agreed to hear the bill, but we still have time to speak with legislators before the deadline. We currently have almost 20 co-authors and we ask that you continue to reach out to your state representatives. The more co-authors we have, the better chance we have of our bill being heard. We are not going to give up on full practice authority!

Many of our AONP members have been asking questions about the bill and the best ways to help the bill. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about HB 2841, and an update of its progress.

Who are the co-authors of HB 2841? 

We have had many requests for a current list of co-authors for HB2841. The path of a bill and the paperwork and verification of the process surrounding it takes time. The list of co-authors will continue to change as more representatives agree to sign-on. Bear with us as we try to keep this list current. You can view the most updated list of co-authors here, or check in on our AONP Facebook page.

What hospitals and other organizations support HB 2841?

So far, the current list of hospitals and organizations that support HB 2841 includes St. Francis Tulsa, St. Anthony OKC, Tulsa University School of Nursing, Southwestern Medical Center, St. John Trauma Center and Duncan Regional Hospital. Visit our updated list of supporters for the latest update to this list.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for reporting House bills and joint resolutions from House committees is Friday, Feb. 26.

How can I help?

Right now, contacting your state representatives and explaining the importance of HB 2841 is the best thing you can do. After talking with a legislator, let Benny Vanatta know, so he can follow up with that legislator.

Is there anything I should avoid doing?

Avoid negative or sarcastic speech that can be seen as offensive. Also avoid creating additional messaging platforms that can confuse the public. We want to present a united front against the opposition of this bill, and to do that we need to stick to official messaging and lobbying efforts.

What is our AONP leadership doing to help?

Our leadership has met with many members of committee assigned to the bill, including Dr. Cox himself. We have met with many organizations including the Oklahoma Rural Hospital Association, Oklahoma Health Care Authority and many of Oklahoma’s legislators. We will continue to promote HB 2841 at the Oklahoma Capitol and across the state.

We appreciate your continued help in fighting for the #RightToPractice.