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Monday, January 1, 2024

The 59th Legislature

The Oklahoma Legislature adjourned Sine Die from the 2nd Regular Session of the 59th Legislature, on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The AONP legislative team, led by Executive Director, Benny Vanatta, monitors events at the Capitol every day; meeting with legislators and scrutinizing legislation. Your membership in AONP is vital funding for the work we do to fight legislation that would harm NP practice and create and promote bills that advance NP practice in Oklahoma.

During the interim, from June through January, we maintain our vigil by working with legislators and monitoring interim studies. Due to the short legislative session, interim studies are necessary, in-depth research of important issues that are conducted by committees to aid the legislators in the upcoming session that begins in February. If you have questions or need information about legislation or the legislative process contact AONP's Executive Director, Benny Vanatta at

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Legislative Update

2024 Legislative - A Review

A 2024 Legislative review will be posted soon. So check back! There's a lot that happened this session including the monumental passage of SB458. Unfortunately, our celebration was cut short when Governor Stitt vetoed the bill. A whole-hearted thank you to our AONP members who answered our call to action emails and to the entire AONP team for their hard work this year. But, we live to fight another day and rest assured, we will continue our work to get his important legislation passed next year for Oklahomans and Oklahoma NPs.
Check back for a review of the bills we monitored this session and our successes.

Questions about Legislative Issues? Contact AONP's Executive Director, Benny Vanatta at


To support AONP's political efforts, you may send a check to:


1700 Runway Boulevard
Oklahoma City OK, 73108

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Oklahoma Nurse Practitioner Political Action Committee

AONP PAC is the non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) that supports, protects and promotes nurse practitioners throughout the Oklahoma legislative process.

All AONP-PAC funding is provided by donations from AONP members and friends.

Keeping AONP strong in Oklahoma takes the financial support of its members. Please consider donating today!

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Get involved in advocacy efforts to support the NP role—and the health of your patients. Explore health legislation and communicate with policymakers at the members-only AANP Advocacy Center.