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Nurse Practitioner Week in Oklahoma

Governor Mary Fallin declared the week of November 12, 2017, as Nurse Practitioner Week in recognition of the vital role NPs serve in Oklahoma’s health care system. The proclamation notes that “better utilization of nurse practitioners through modernized state laws and improved system policies creates a more accessible, efficient, cost-effective and higher quality health care system.”
This is proclamation highlights the importance of nurse practitioners and that support for full practice authority can improve our state’s health.

View the Governor's Proclamation here.

Oklahoma Nurse Practitioner's Mission 

Welcome to the official site of the Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners (AONP). Our mission is to advance, support, and promote the high standards of health care delivered by nurse practitioners. We are dedicated to improving patient access to quality healthcare.

As a statewide professional association, we focus on the common needs of our members. We recognize the professional and political concerns facing nurse practitioners. AONP has always played a major role in facilitating and supporting changes in legislation that advance the role of the nurse practitioner. AONP believes that by providing better networking among our members, we will be better able to promote high standards of health care and thereby enhance the identity and continuity of nurse practitioners in our state.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who is prepared, through advanced education and clinical training, to provide a wide range of preventive and health care services to individuals of all ages. NPs complete graduate-level education preparation that leads to a master's and/or doctoral degree. NPs provide physical examinations, diagnose and treat many common acute and chronic problems, interpret laboratory results and X-rays, prescribe and manage medications and other therapies, provide training and supportive counseling with an emphasis on prevention of illness and health maintenance, and refer patients to other health professionals as needed.

These informative videos explain the value of receiving health care from a nurse practitioner.

National Medical Report
Nurse Practitioners Leading the Charge

Ask The Expert

Question (January 2018): I am a CRNA who has been in continuous practice in Texas since graduating in 1981. Upon applying for Advance Practice licensure in Oklahoma, I was informed that only graduates from a Masters level program are eligible in Oklahoma. As there were few to no masters programs in existence when I graduated, as states began instating the Masters requirement, those of us who graduated prior to the availability of a Masters degree was grandfathered in. I have attempted to get clarification on this from the board without success. can you shed any light on this??

According to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, It is true that CRNAs who were licensed before the masters requirements were grandfathered in the states where they practice. However, to endorse into Oklahoma you would now need to meet the requirements of a masters degree. You were grandfathered in Texas, if you want an Oklahoma license, you would need a graduate degree (masters).

Question (January 2018):
 Are NPs allowed to perform sports physicals for athletes, and if so can NPs give clearance for an injured athlete to return to sports activities?

Answer: Yes NPs are allowed to perform sports physicals, and yes they may give clearance to return to activities. However, the school board can set a policy prohibiting an NP from such duties, by simply stating, "a physician shall…” and not including practitioners or NPs.

Question (November 2017): If you are an NP that works two jobs, do you need to have separate Oklahoma Health Authority applications for each location that you work at? And if you work for two separate jobs, do you need to have two separate Supervising Authority Physicians or can you just have one supervising physician?

Answer: You do not need more than one supervising physician unless your agreement with that physician requires some other arrangement. The OHCA is the authority to ask about applications for each location a person works.

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